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Seven (7) PGHSAA $1,000 awarded to:

(a) Beau Frank
(b) Savannah Constance Lee
(c) Taylor Christian Odell
(d) Jade Marie Hage
(e) Ross Marshall Bullington
(f) Peter Alexander Sujan
(g) Chloe Pauline Peterson

Three (3) Harlan Family $1,000 awarded to:
Don Harlan ’42 Vocational: Pierce Edward Guderski
Ada Eleanor Smith: Alana Sharon Buller
Maude Marian Smith: Morgan Ashly Brown

Class of 1952 Remembers $300 to: Andrew Magruder Eckles
Olive Dean Hyler ’40 Culinary $500 to: Jiyeon Song
Dr Phil Nash ’52 $1000 to: Christopher Jordan Odell
Bob Hoag ’45 $500 to: Sean Andrew Merchak
$300 – Boys’ Baseball
$399 – Epic Youth Club
$835 – Breaker Girls’ Dance Team
$1,500 – 2011 Sober Grad Night

$500 to PGHS Wrestling Team for a Timing Board

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