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PGHSAA Scholarship Award $ 1000

Catherine Sue Wisam Nader
Iliana Ruiz
Luke Michael Hiserman
Zachary Carter Goodwin
Nadi Michael Wisam Nader
May Ayad Khalil
PGHSAA Musical Scholarship Award $1000
Lauren Elizabeth Pick

Ada Eleanor Smith Educational Scholarship $1000
Olivia Claire Cain

Maude Marian Smith Educational Scholarship $1000
Aabella Elizabeth Sterwerf

Nelson William “Bill” Hyler ‘39 Educational Scholarship $1000
Lucas Richard Milar

Don Harlan ‘42 Vocational Scholarship $1000
Camden Richmond Smithtro

Bob Hoag ‘45 Athletic Scholarship $1000
Savana Rane McDowell

Class of 1952 Remembers Scholarship $1000
Young Hyun Choi

Cynthia Alma Pena ‘75 Educational Scholarship $1000
Calvin Wyatt Stickler

Beverly Wilson Stillwell ‘49 Scholarship $1000
Wyatt William King

Tommy Stillwell ‘74 Scholarship $1000
Sebin Cho

Richard Reynolds ‘57 Science and Technology Scholarship $2000
Rachel Choi

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