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2020 Scholarship recipients, each awarded $1,000

PGHSAA Scholarship Award
Maria Teresa Arevalo Voorhees
Noor Benny
John Phillip Doroy
Delson Hays
Seth Knoop
Yuri Suzuki

PGHSAA Music Scholarship
Joely Kaatz

Ada Eleanor Smith Educational Scholarship
Alana Henden

Maude Marian Smith Educational Scholarship
Robertson Rice

Donald Harlan ‘42 Vocational Scholarship
Isabella Rowntree-Smith

Class of 1952 Remembers Vocational Scholarship
Chloe Stickler

Beverly Wilson Stillwell ‘49 Scholarship
Grace Hardin

Tommy Stillwell ’74 Scholarship
Jesse Herzog

Richard Reynolds ‘57 Science and Technology Scholarship $9,000
Nathan Taoromina

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