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Six (6) PGHSAA $1,000 each, awarded to:

(a) Sabrina Riffle
(b) Yannez Brown
(c) Dean Randall
(d) Sonja Silkey
(e) Timothy Matthews
(f) Anthony Berteaux

PGHSAA Musical $1,000 to: Maxwell Paris
Ada Eleanor Smith Educational $1,000 to: Emily Stewart
Maude Marian Smith Educational $1,000 to: Arwa Awan
Nelson William “Bill” Hyler Educational ’39 $500 to: Jenna Hively
Don Harlan ’42 Vocational $1,000 to: Laurence Cefalu
Class of 1952 Remembers $300 to: Becky Long
Bob Hoag ’45 Athletic $1000 to: Maggie Grindstaff-Snyder

$1,000 to PGHS toward New Speaker System in the Gym
$1,000 to Mock Trial Team

$300 to the Baseball Team for PGHS outfield sign
$600 to Art Teacher, Matt Kelly, to conference in Ft. Worth, Texas
$1,500 Sober Grad Night

$2,000 to “Close Up” student trip to Washington, D.C.
$125 for cake at “Hall of Fame” Luncheon

$1,500 Helmets – LaCrosse Team

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