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PGHSAA Scholarships $1,000 each

Ava Lois Vucina
Reeve O’Dowd Grobecker
Nicole Renee Hage
Bailey Christine Kato-Dutton
Carol Elizabeth Nader
Jacobsen Paul Loh

PGHSAA Musical Scholarship $ 1,000
Haley Malia Walker

Ada Eleanor Smith Educational Scholarship $1,000
Kimberly Ngan Huynh

Maude Marian Smith Educational Scholarship $1,000
Kendra Jean Bell

Nelson William “Bill” Hyler ‘39 Educational Scholarship $500.
Courtney Faye Lion

Olive Dean Hyler ‘40 Culinary Scholarship $500.
Liam Charles Posson

Don Harlan ‘42 Vocational Scholarship $1,000
Joshua Daniel Lewis

Bob Hoag ‘45 Athletic Scholarship $1,000
Luke MacGregor Lowell

Class of 1952 Remembers Scholarship $500.
Savannah LeeAnn Mitchem

Richard Reynolds ‘57 Science and Technology $2,000
Lizhi Cheng

$300 to PGHS Softball Team for Used Artificial Turf
$1,100 to PGHS LaCrosse Team for Helmets, etc.
$1,000 to PGHS Mock Trial Team to State Competition
$1,000 to PGHS Sober Grad Night

$450 to PGHS Choir for competition in Anaheim

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