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Annual Alumni Dinner

PGHSAA Scholarships $1,000 each

Laura Beth Merchak
Claire Jillian Momberger
Tyler Beron
Zelda Leigh Elisco
Da Hyun Lee
Guadalupe Cabrera-Barrios

PGHSAA Musical Scholarship $1,000
Taylor Quinn Rhoades

Ada Eleanor Smith Educational Scholarship $1,000
Folauhola iHualela Hautau

Maude Marian Smith Educational Scholarship $1,000
Ashley Noelle Costa

Donald Harlan ‘42 Vocational Scholarship $1,000
Courtney Rosanne Smith

Robert Hoag ‘45 Athletic Scholarship $1,000
Mackenzie Anne Bell

Class of 1952 Remembers Scholarship $1,000
Golnoush Pak

Cynthia Alma Pena ‘75 Educational Scholarship $1,000
Cristina Marie Aleathea Harber

Richard Reynolds ‘57 Science and Technology $2,000
George Paul Haugen
$100 to the school’s “Shakespeare Day” for a cake
$1000 to Sober Grad Night
$500 to the choir to help with a trip to a choral workshop in Anaheim.
$250 to the Sports Medicine program for motivational posters for the program’s classroom.

$350 to Art and Computer Class for field trip to San Francisco.
This grant made possible with donation from Sculpter Dorothy Fowler, class of 1944.
$100 to Associated Student Body leadership for Hall of Fame Luncheon
$1000 to government class for a”Closeup” trip to Washington DC

$300 set-up fee to PGHS Newspaper Club

We are a 501 (a) as of: July 12, 1996. Of the Internal Revenue Code as a organization described in section 501 (c) (3)